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You should get your booking voucher within five minutes of confirming your transfer. If you haven’t, the first thing to do is check your spam or junk folder in your email as automated messages are often directed there. You’re looking for an email from

If you don’t get your booking voucher email within five minutes of confirming your transfer, check your spam or junk folder as it may have been added there by your email provider. It’s also a good idea to add our email address to your contacts list so you don’t miss any important future updates about your booking.

If your booking voucher isn’t in your junk folder, just and we’ll check we’ve got the right email address for you.

Yes! As long as you let us know at least 48 hours before your transfer, we can change your booking details and send you a new booking voucher.

No. We’ll only charge if you don’t show up without telling us in advance. Otherwise you can cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hours before your transfer. If you’ve already paid just get in touch and we’ll arrange a refund for you.

Yes. Apart from at the airport where we have specific drop off and pick up points, we’ll drop you right to the door of your apartment, hotel, resort or other destination.

As long as you tell us in advance we are able to provide subject to a fee.

No. We have a simple ‘what you see is what we charge’ policy. That means no hidden fees for things like baby and child seats. According to Portuguese law, all children younger than 12 must use them.

Yes. We charge on a per transfer basis and as babies and children take up a seat and seatbelt, they count the same as an adult.

All Yellowfish Transfers are completely private, so you’ll always have your own vehicle – whether that’s a car or van depends on how many of you there are. Our transfers are direct and door to door unless you’ve asked for a stop off.

As long as you tell us in advance when you make your booking, we’ll make sure we can accommodate all of your luggage.

No. Each passenger can bring two pieces of oversized luggage like a set of golf clubs or a surfboard (it depends on the size, larger than 5.6 " will require a bigger vehicle) at no extra cost as long as you let us know more than 24 hours before your transfer. This is so we have time to arrange a vehicle big enough to accommodate all your luggage. If you bring extra luggage without telling us, we may need to arrange a bigger car once you’ve landed, which will cost more.

We ask our drivers to collect the full payment in cash on the first transfer where possible, but if you don’t have the cash we can take payment each way.

Our loyalty scheme means you get every tenth transfer for free. When you book your first transfer with us, we’ll create a Yellowfish account page for you (which you can always check via the website) and let you know when you’ve earned your free trip.

As soon as you confirm your booking we’ll email you a booking voucher that describes exactly where to meet your driver and includes a map clearly marking where they’ll be waiting for you.

It’s very simple too – as soon as you emerge into the arrivals hall just turn left and walk past the shared shuttle desk. Your Yellowfish driver will be waiting on the right so keep an eye out for someone in our distinctive yellow polo shirt with your name written on their tablet.

According to Portuguese law, every passenger in every vehicle must have their own seat and seatbelt. This means we can’t squeeze extra people into cars, or put nine people in an eight-seater minibus – even if they’re children or babies!

We ask our passengers not to eat and drink while in our cars and vans as spillages can be expensive to clean up. Of course the odd sweet and gulp of water is fine!

Yes. We have a simple ‘what you see is what we charge’ policy. That means no hidden fees for things like motorway tolls, extra luggage (if it fits inside the vehicle) or baby and booster seats. Our drivers are all English speaking and local to the Algarve so they know the roads like the back of their hands and will always choose the best route.

No. We won’t charge you extra if your flight is late and you miss your pickup time. This is one reason we ask for your flight details when you book a Yellowfish airport transfer.

If we don’t hear from you within an hour of your flight landing, one of our support team will call to see what’s happened. If we can’t get hold of you we’ll classify it as a no-show.

You won’t have to wait at all. Unless something exceptional happens, our drivers are always on time so you know exactly when they’ll be there. We also monitor flight arrival times so we know what time you’ll land and can make sure our driver will be waiting for you when you come into the arrivals hall. This is one reason we ask for your flight details when you book a Yellowfish airport transfer.

The Faro Airport authority keeps a designated parking area set aside for taxi transfers and this is where we park when we pick you up. It’s only a 220-metre, two-minute walk.

Yes! All of our cars are modern, roadworthy, safe and driven by English speaking professionals. Every car and van has air conditioning and access to free baby and child seats as long as you let us know in advance.

If there’s a convenient place to go that’s on the right route and your driver doesn’t have another transfer to go to after yours, you may be able to stop off briefly. We tend to let the driver decide if it’s possible!

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